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We honestly frankly don't understand what Common Core is all about either.

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You've found them in the bath. You've found them in the couch. You've found them in your kid's nose. LEGO bricks have been literally everywhere. When was the last time you cleaned them?

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Losing the Innocence of Pregnancy

Losing the Innocence of Pregnancy - StillStandingMag

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The Joy of Young Parenthood

The Joy of Young Parenthood

Reaching the Milestone of Siblings Becoming Friends

Reaching the Milestone of Siblings Becoming Buddies

Does GoldieBlox's 'The Danger of Your Brain on Princess' Campaign Need to Take it Down a Notch?

  • Molly Diemer

    Dislike. Goodness, can we please find some middle ground?!?

  • Kayli Rabel

    I really dislike all this hate towards princesses, pink, and stuff like that which would he considered girly. Just the other day my friend posted pictures of her daughter's princess tea party birthday, and apparently people had some problems with that. I don't know why we're teaching our young children that liking what you like is wrong. Let kids be kids.