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273 Pins

How do you turn a family farm into the ideal wedding venue? With a lot of hard work, many family and friends to help, and a little bit of glitter.

The Simple Charm of A Country Wedding

Elizabeth's story is crazy, horrible, and frightening but also courageous and inspiring.

What I Want My Daughter to Learn from Elizabeth Smart

We know you've got a wedding board on Pinterest, but did you think about including your kids in the wedding?

Should You Include Your Kids In Your Wedding?

We're blown away that strangers all over the world reached out to comfort a grieving dad.

Strangers Photoshop Pictures of Newborn to Help Grieving Parents

What magical memories do you want your kids to remember?

The Magical Childhood Moments I Hope My Kids Always Remember

Finally, "The Bachelorette" has a message that is good for women.

The Joy of Young Parenthood

The Joy of Young Parenthood

A Decade of Birthdays

Will a Bill Restricting Airbrushing in Ads Really Change How We See Ourselves?

  • Dawn Sharrocks

    I always thought advertisements for mascara should not have models wearing false lashes.

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4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling at Home

Guess What Dads? She's Looking for a Man Like You

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The Heartbreaking Mugshot Of A Mom Who Risked Her Children's Lives For A Job Interview

  • Noel Amador

    You're right, and you know what as sad as the situation is for her and her children, I'm so happy that other people cared enough to raise money to help her. Something amazing came out of this and that's all that matters.

  • rebecca hathaway

    This lady has food stamps. It doesn't say how long she's been homeless, but her kids are very, very young. So young that they would have been incapable of looking after themselves if they needed a drink or help. What if the two year old had of tried to "help" the six month old and ended up fatally wounding the baby. That would have been a horrible legacy for that child to have over them?. What if someone would have taken them? What if one of them got out? Those kids were too young to leave. They must have wondered if they were being left...even for an hour..a whole hour wondering if your mum was coming back...crying but nobody coming to help you. And what's it all been for now? I agree its sad.

  • rebecca hathaway

    Since we don't know anything about her, we don't know if this is the first time she's done this. We don't know that she isn't the kind of person that leaves her kids to go to the supermarket or what!! Just because it's an interview dose not mean it's right, it's just slightly more palatable than the super market or a night out. And who is to say she wouldn't have left them to actually go to work. Lets not assume that this pursuit was entirely it was all for the kids, we don't know that's the kind of person she is anymore than we know what her situation is. I'm not judging, just opening up the debate. Maybe she is a consistently irresponsible as a parent but this time she got caught?

  • Noel Amador

    You're right. We don't know. Idk why her having food stamps matters any more than how long she was homeless would matter? If she was receiving food stamps that's great! At least food didn't have to be an issue. I can only speak from my experiences. Personally, I believe that people are generally good. At some point we all make questionable choices, I have, but my intentions were always intended for good and I always hoped to be understood in that way. You have a valid argument, you could be right but I hope you're wrong, those were very strong opinions. I'm sure they spent a good amount of time in the car since they were homeless. I give the benefit of the doubt because I would hope that someone would do the same for me.

  • Natasha (WeddingPlanner) Celestin-Civil

    @Noel B Amador will said.. I totally agree with you.. Welfare doesn't provide babysitting services. They will not pay for child care unless you can show proof of employment. Some of us are lucky we have grandparents or friends who will watch over our children, but that is not the case for everyone

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