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Why I Vote

Babble and The First Lady ask: why do you vote? Whether it’s to protect the environment, tackle the debt, preserve citizen freedoms, support healthcare initiatives, or ensure a better education for your children — whatever your reasons, and whatever party or candidate you support, we want to know what’s motivating you to be heard on Election Day. Find out how to participate here:

we have the power to provide #WhyIVote

  • Beverlee Bull

    Hi can you please add me to your Tis the Season for Eating group.

Because women who went before me fought for my right to do so. #whyivote

Because my mother taught me to stand up for what I believe in. #WhyIVote

#WhyIVote - Because I still believe in the American dream.

Because the children need us to set an example of what conviction is. #WhyIVote

Because this great land of opportunity is currently helping me on the path to achieving my goals. #WhyIVote

Because those who came before us expected greatness. #WhyIVote

Because of our rich history of hard workers who built this country with pride and fortitude. #WhyIVote

Because so many have perished to keep our liberties intact. #WhyIVote

#WhyIVote Appalachian mountains. This land means something to me. It's like family

#WhyIVote They may not act it, but my folks are getting older and I want them taken care of b/c they rock

  • Nancy Myers

    Aww.... This board is awesome!! Thank you for all the beautiful, inspiring images! :)

Because education should be about learning, not test scores. #whyivote

Saving endangered animals MATTERS. Who would want to live in a barren and soul-less world without them in it? I wouldn't. #WhyIVote

...because if we stop dreaming, who are we? #WhyIVote

...because our differences are beautiful #WhyIVote

... because there are those who risked not breathing again to protect our future. #WhyIVote

...because in life it's important to reach for what we want #WhyIVote

...because I believe in our resilience #WhyIVote