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ey thought it was fungal. After a variety of creams, they decided maybe it wasn’t. They thought it was a form of eczema since it presents ...

2014 Red Hair Color Ideas For Women (4)

If only I would just work up the courage and go for it...I would try this. Red Peek A Boo Highlights | Dark red hair - highlights / lowlights

Stop That Angry Thought - card game for kids ages 6 to 12. Published by the Creative Therapy Store.

Butterfinger Fudge - it's made with CANDY CORN!

A really simple DIY bath salt recipe that contains sleep promoting ingredients for children, including a special kid-safe Nighty-night essential oil.

They put their feelings in a bottle, it's a great tangible way for them to work on their coping skills

Muir Monday: The Paths You Take. Wilderness Campsites and Backpacking.

Excellent article and website about how and why to use games in therapy, along with lots of links for various therapeutic games and even a website for making your own with blank boards, cards, and pieces! A marvelous resource!