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Make sure to stock up on those things that aren't necessarily base items, but you will need anyway (sunscreen, TP, q-tips). They really don't go bad anyway.

Canned butter...finally found again! We went to a class in RS years ago where they showed us how to do this in the oven, but I Lost the paper and never could remember exactly how. so grateful it was on here!

Chocolate on my Cranium: Search results for canning butter

What do you have in your well-stocked pantry or cupboards? Here are some suggestions on what you should keep on hand to make menu planning easier.

A years supply, one week at a time.

Deals to Meals: Catch the Vision!

120 Ways To Prepare For The Future - things you need to know, supplies you need to stock up on, lots of advice you may have never thought of, etc.

List of Important Documents --create an emergency preparedness folder to keep all your important documents in case of a disaster

JOIN the Emergency Preparedness Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons. In 8 weeks, you will learn how to put together a 72 hour kit, first aid kit, pet kit, emergency binder, comfort kit, and supplies for an emergency. Its all baby steps to a full Emergency Survival Station. This pin links to week 1 - Storage.

Here is a great article about one woman's method for making sure she has a 3-month's supply of shelf-stable food. She showed them off during a Relief Society class. ("Shelf-stable" means it doesn't need refrigeration.)

2 Days Without Water -Here is a great story of one family's planned use of their emergency water supply. 48 hours with the water off and the lessons learned from the experience. -

Family preparedness binder - great list of items to include and some example pics of a completed binder. I have something like this already in place but really need to update it, and this will be a great guide to make sure I include all the important things.

How to REALLY organize your food storage

Would be cute to pair this with candles (in mason jars or not) as a gift! 100 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars via Brit + Co.

DIY: How to Make Endless Hot Water Without Electricity