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Handmade Baby Quilts

1,2,3 Green Light Go - a handmade baby quilt

Startime Pink a handmade baby crib quilt

Heartly Pink and Green a handmade baby crib quilt

Penguins on Parade is a handmade baby quilt.

Baby quilt batting perfect for handmade baby quilts

Baby Boy Blue Jeans - a handmade baby quilt made with 100% cotton baby flannel and blue jean fabrics.

Choosing a Thimble for Hand Quilting

9 Suggestions for Cleaning and Washing Your Baby Quilts

What are the 4 Best Fabrics for Handmade Baby Quilts?

Quilting Designs on a Baby Quilt - quilting designs should follow the style and pattern of the new handmade baby quilt top.

Handmade Baby Memory Quilt - what do you do with the pile of t-shirts stacked in the drawers or hanging in the closet that have sentimental value from your baby?

Blogging about handmade baby quilts and baby gifts

Lavender Green and Hue - a handmade baby crib quilt

Around the world in Pink - a handmade baby quilt