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Marcia Anderson

Marcia Anderson

Farmer. Office Manager. Artist. Traveler. Pitbull Mom. Collector of Information.

Hood for a toddler - TOO cute.

I can see my 3 yr old nephew traveling down the road. Big smile,honking the horn,

Why didn't I have kids, dammit? Turn bathwater into gooky gel (then back to water)!

WAY more awesome than Silly Putty! Does the same, plus much, much, much more.

Cool. Tiny LED lights you scatter...anywhere. In the pool, on the lawn; wherever.

Zombie Family (plus pets) window stickers. Way cooler than stick figures.

Awesome game - 4 people hold on, then poke the crap out of each other to make music. Really.

TOO awesome! RC air-swimming shark. Watch the video!

Another fantastic print.

Fabulous repro, vintage look fabric.

85+ Recipes For Home Canning: {Fruits & Vegetables} Great reference.

This one reminds me of a butterfly wing

Gorgeous custom freehand backsplash.

Old, well-maintained Craftsman front porch.

Wood ceilings can feel claustrophobic or oppressive, if not done right. Done correctly, they are incredible.

Someday, this WILL be mine.