How to Make PVC Birdhouses

PVC snowman bird feeder

I love watching different types of birds eat. Its so cool, and plus you get to see all the different colors a bird can be!!

gonna make a bird bath and bird feeder both. Now my cats can't climb up the pvc pipe. watch out of my sewing room.

Pvc bird feeders with lights

Another Kids & Jr. Volunteer project...DIY Stone Birdhouse

Empress of Dirt: How To Make A Stone BirdHouse - Google Docs

PVC Birdhouse. $10.00, via Etsy.

DIY 3-tiered planter! That's PVC piping in the center!

Twisted Pedestal Garden Plant Stand DIY a PVC pipe with molded grout or concrete?

Twisted Pedestal Garden Plant Stand

DIY aquarium decoration. A PVC pipe carved out to imitate a piece of a reef. Was pretty fun making this.

Strawberry planting. PVC pipe hung on a fence.

Garden adventure

DIY faux dripping candelabra using PVC pipe, styrofoam and tea lights

Bird house with PVC pipe.

made from plastic PVC tubes and mosiac tiles! - for a single plant, would like to see them lower (but an arrangement of 3 or 5 diff heights is good too) - maybe openings for SUCCULENTS - #planter #DIY #Garden #Mosaic - tå√

Mozaikozás: PVC-csőből virágtartó

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