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How to Make PVC Birdhouses

PVC snowman bird feeder

I love watching different types of birds eat. Its so cool, and plus you get to see all the different colors a bird can be!!

gonna make a bird bath and bird feeder both. Now my cats can't climb up the pvc pipe. watch out of my sewing room.

Shotgun shell planters or bird feeders made from PVC pipe

Birdhouses | How to Build a Birdhouse - Birds & Blooms

Pvc bird feeders with lights

Another Kids & Jr. Volunteer project...DIY Stone Birdhouse

Empress of Dirt: How To Make A Stone BirdHouse - Google Docs

Pvc Pipe Projects - Bing Images

DIY 3-tiered planter! That's PVC piping in the center!

Twisted Pedestal Garden Plant Stand DIY a PVC pipe with molded grout or concrete?

Twisted Pedestal Garden Plant Stand

DIY aquarium decoration. A PVC pipe carved out to imitate a piece of a reef. Was pretty fun making this.

Strawberry planting. PVC pipe hung on a fence.

Garden adventure

DIY faux dripping candelabra using PVC pipe, styrofoam and tea lights

Bird house with PVC pipe.

made from plastic PVC tubes and mosiac tiles! - for a single plant, would like to see them lower (but an arrangement of 3 or 5 diff heights is good too) - maybe openings for SUCCULENTS - #planter #DIY #Garden #Mosaic - tå√

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