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Laundry Room Inspiration for ORGANIZATION :-)

Says she: The Laundry Basket Dresser has taken my laundry room from the messiest room in my home to the tidiest. It's so easy to pull laundry out and put it directly into baskets. I then can take each basket to it's respective room and fold and put laundry away. For any busy home, these are a must.

Dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! Genius way to rescue clothes from THOUGHTFUL people who don't realize some things don't need to go in the dryer.

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    ELFA shelves are the best (the kind with the strip that attaches to the wall and the shelves hook in), but the idea could be customized (with any brand) in lots of different formations - in the laundry room, office, pantry, etc.... if only I could WIN a BIG gift certificate to maybe or any other merchant selling these type shelves - Santa?????