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The best of the holidays. Recipes, ideas, traditions, decor, and inspiration.

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Thanksgiving Kids Table - snacks, printables, and crafts to keep the little ones happy and entertained.

Thanksgiving Kids Table - Baked Bree

A step-by-step plan for having a stress-free Thanksgiving. Amazing recipes, and printables.

The Thanksgiving Game Plan - Baked Bree

Slice n’ Bake Valentine Heart Cookies: Method works for any for 4th, bell for Christmas, pumpkin for Halloween

Slice n’ Bake Valentine Heart Cookies - kiss recipe

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas - Lemon and Vanilla Bean Scones with Un-Clotted Cream -

Cinnamon Roll Birthday Cake Recipe

Pecan Pralines for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras cocktail - The King's Cup

Maple Pumpkin Cupcakes « Go Bold with Butter

Go Bold with Butter » Maple Pumpkin Cupcakes

Baking Pecans, Eatitup Desserts Cookies Bar, Baking Brees, Pecans Bar, Apples Pies, S'Mores Bar, Bar Recipes, Pecan Pies, Pecan Pies Bar

Pecan Pie Bars - Baked Bree

Pineapple Juice, Baking Brees, Holiday Parties, Jingle Juice, Juice Recipe, Juice Spices, Rum Punch, Holiday Punch, Orange Juice

Jingle Juice [Spice Up Your Holidays - Week 3] - Baked Bree

Irish Soda Bread recipe - while dreaming of Irish wool sweaters, and hanging out in cute little pubs drinking a Harp, I am making Irish Soda Bread to continue the illusion that lives in my head. I have to be honest, I never thought that I would like Irish Soda Bread. I am not a huge fan of raisins and I really don’t like dried fruits. But I love Irish Soda Bread. It is delicious. #bread #Irish #holiday

Sugar Cookies recipe - I have searched high and low for the perfect sugar cookie recipe. It took years to find. I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find this recipe. I love it for a few reasons. 1) It makes a ton of cookies. 2) It rolls out like a dream. 3) They taste really good. #cookies #holiday #cutout #sugar #dessert

Sugar Cookies - Baked Bree

Passover Brisket recipe - I love Passover dinner. When I lived near my family it was one of my favorite holiday meals. #Passover #brisket #holiday

Passover Brisket - Baked Bree

Salted Toffee Matzah recipe - his toffee candy is very similar to something that I make at Christmas (see, I told you we celebrate them all) called Harper’s Surprise. Instead of Saltines, you use matzah. Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this years ago? #matzah #Passover #dessert #holiday

How to Hard Boil an Egg recipe - Isn’t it amazing how many different ways that people hard boil eggs? I ended up starting my eggs in a pot of cold water, bringing it to a hard boil, turning off the heat, and letting them sit for 15 minutes. I ran them under cold water and when they were cold enough to handle I cut one open and they were in fact perfectly hard boiled. #holiday #egg #Easter

How to Hard Boil an Egg? - Baked Bree

Chick Cookies recipe - How cute are they? I used my Sugar Cookie recipe and a royal icing mix. #cookie #holiday

Chick Cookies - Baked Bree

Dirt Cake in Flowerpots recipe - My children had a great time helping me make these and were good little helpers. I know that these are super cute and sort of girly, so we hid gummy worms, and slugs, and bugs in them for the boys. To even out the cute factor. #cake #dessert #holiday

Flag Cake recipe - This cake does entail a lot of bowls. And a LOT of butter in the frosting. But it pretty simple to make. Nothing makes me feel more domestic than baking a cake. This cake in particular gave me joy. It is bright and cheerful and fun. So fun. I got giddy when I watched it being cut. So make this for your next holiday party and I promise, you will impress your friends. #cake #holiday #fourthofjuly #patriotic #red #white #blue #holiday

Flag Cupcakes recipe - Remember my Flag Cake? Or my Rainbow Cupcakes? If they got married and had a baby, this is what that baby would look like. #cupcake #dessert #fourthofjuly #holiday

Fruit Basket Cake recipe - I will most definitely make this Fruit Basket Cake again. It is so fresh tasting and light and gorgeous. I will just fix my structural problem. I would make this and bake it in 9 inch pans and make the cake really tall. It will be gorgeous. #cake #berry #dessert #holiday

Fruit Basket Cake - Baked Bree

Candy Corn Parfait recipe - This fun dessert took about 15 minutes total to make. It was a huge hit with my under 6 crowd and also the over 30 crowd. #dessert #holiday #cereal #candycorn

Candy Corn Parfait - Baked Bree

Candy Corn Cookies recipe - These cookies remind me of my favorite sugar cookies that I get at Whole Foods. They are sugar cookies with colored sanding sugar from Gianna’s Baking Company. I don’t get them very often because I would eat the entire package. The sanding sugar on these make these cookies have a nice little crunch that I really like a lot. #cookie #dessert #holiday

Candy Corn Cookies - Baked Bree

Bobbie’s Berries recipe - I love making Thanksgiving dinner, it is truly one of my favorite meals, and this horseradish cranberry sauce must be a part of it. I know what you are thinking, horseradish in cranberry sauce? Yes. It is perfect. Slightly spicy and slightly sweet and the perfect compliment to turkey. #cranberry #Thanksgiving #holiday

Bobbie's Berries - Baked Bree