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Water Balloon Activity for Kids: Water Balloon Target Practice

Stacked Flower Pots & Bird the look

Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles.

glow stick in a balloon for pool lanterns makes for a perfect pool party on a summer night! (now we just need a pool.)

Baking soda - it's a good thing! It neutralizes the ph in the soil and nothing will grow there. Use it to keep the grass and weeds from growing into your beds. Just sprinkle it onto the soil so that it covers it lightly. I usually have to do this twice a year - spring and fall.

Vinegar is just as effective as Roundup!

Got Weeds? Use Vinegar, Not Roundup

How to Create a Greenhouse out of a Trampoline!, I just need to get one...and, a green thumb!

Boot and shoe planters