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Books Worth Reading

These are books that I find helpful and inspiring in my work in education. I hope you do too!

Ever wonder why some people with incredible gifts and talents struggle in life? Ever wonder why some people have such remarkable success? Join Malcolm Gladwell as he explores Bill Gates, the Beatles, and other successful (and not so successful) people to learn some interesting insights into success.

Do you know about the "What Every Teacher Needs to Know" series? This set of books offers advice for teachers in grades K-5 about how to set up a classroom, build a positive learning community, communicate with parents, implement fun projects, and much more!

Do you run a Morning Meeting with your upper-grade elementary students? This book is a great resource to help you liven things up a bit!

Are you wondering how to have students engage in meaningful research projects while implementing the Common Core State Standards? Here's your answer! Learn how to create a classroom environment and community conducive to research as well as how to connect student-based projects with specific learning objectives. Explore how to structure complex projects and assess them effectively. If you love to help teach creativity and nurture autonomy with your students, this book is for you!

This book is about staying healthy and balanced as a teacher. In today's crazy educational environment, it's important for teachers to take good care of themselves. Otherwise, they're unable to take great care of their students. This book offers practical strategies for busy teachers.

Carol Dweck's groundbreaking book helped me better understand how teachers can help their students develop a growth mindset: one where they see themselves as learners who love challenges. Chock full of incredible research, this book has the potential to have a profound impact on how teachers operate.

Are you wondering why extrinsic motivators like grades and treats aren't working with your students? Dan Pink's book offers fascinating insights into why this might be. Though not written specifically for educators (which I think makes it all the more fascinating), teachers will find incredible connections with their work in this book.

  • Ramona McCullough

    Our district has had Daniel Pink as a key note speaker twice and the leadership team all received his book. A powerful way to begin the school year.

  • Mike Anderson

    I would love to hear him speak in person sometime!