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Lots of Friendship Bracelet Tutorials

Tutorial -

Leadership Ideas to use with Students

Mason jars. Straight shoulder jars and quilted crystal jars and wide mouth vs regular. #masonjar #infographic #canning

Canning Class Adventure - Matters Of Course

March Classroom Door As a parent, this would make me feel so loved if I saw this on my son's classroom door. This is so sweet and it is so kind of any teacher who would be so positive.

Over 100 children's books with coordinating crafts/recipes

making half a recipe cheat sheet

Easy, Healthy Toddler Snacks with a Printable | The Pinning Mama

newborn must haves - seriously, this is one of the best lists I've ever seen.

Paper Plate Apples After 9 years, I might do my 1st Back To School bulletin board ever! Title Ideas?

Classroom Fingerprint Tree- perfect gift for teacher appreciation - printable

All about me bag: beginning of the year I did this last year and the students loved it!

Moonmelon (scientifically knows as asidus). This fruit grows in some parts of Japan and is known for its vibrant blue colour. This fruit's party trick is that it can switch flavours after you eat it. Everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, and it gives water a strong orange-like taste! Bucket list fruit!

You never know when you will need a state outline for a craft project...Free printables for each state and hearts to put over the city where you live.

No more using the overhead!!! Silhouette making in 4 steps from a FREE website! Maybe for a "guess who" for open house? Or a parent gift?