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Pistachio shell flowers

Pistachio shell flowers

This is SO accurate! Except that I am cradeling it close to me and not dangling it way up there

The moment when you think you have 10 pages left in your book and it turns out to be a preview for another book.

....and getting annoyed when the DJ talked over half the song!

Every. Damn. Time.

The cat traps worked…

Hump Day Camel. Funniest commercial. Is our Wednesday video at work.

  • Karen Cox

    My favorite commercial this summer!!!

  • Beth Myers

    My sister in law showed it to me! I am sending this cartoon and others i pinned to my "for laughs" board. It is so funny. Can't wait to use it in the classroom.

  • Beth Myers

    It would be funny to play over the intercom.

Hump Day - Wednesday attire

By far one of the funniest hump day commercials we've ever seen.

Nailed it!! Dedicated to all my Pinterest pals who are testing things with me. :)

Guilty...and I know better!