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This girl lost about 40 lbs and went from 30% body fat to 12%! She posted her meal plan, workouts, plus the research to back it all up. - Body Transformation: A Model Transformation

How to Get Great Legs and a Toned Butt

How to Get Great Legs and a Toned Butt | F@$# The Freshman 15

results come quick to reverse bulky thighs, remove fat deposits from the inner thigh, inner knee and above the knee cap. most see results within 10 days...just 5 minutes a day.

Another salad from guess who!?.. Yup, you guessed right! joanned3 ♥ ~ “Grilled chicken salad #foodpals #healthy #eatclean #eatyourcolors #lunch @powercakes I'm a day early for the June photo challenge this salad beast was too colorful and pretty to wait!! Not to mention delicious :)”

clotilde_chaumet shared her beach themed lunch with us on instagram! ~ “Meal 3: omelet and veggies whole wheat sandwich”

Get tight, toned arms like a dancer w/ this 17-minute barre routine from @Xtend_Barre & @AcaciaFitness!

Bikini Blaster 1! HIIT IT HARD!

Total Body Superset Workout

"Never give up! This is after a year of just making smarter eating choices, working out, and striving to have a healthy active life everyday. No special diets or programs, just didn't stress about it because this was my new life and figured put in the work, it will pay off and it has! Anyone can do it. :)"