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The Lost Wife. Review: "Oh, this one was good! Heavy, but good. It takes place during World War II, and follows a man as he starts a new life in the United States, and a woman, who is sent to a concentration camp. It is completely engrossing and hopeful, despite some rather dismal and tragic circumstances."

The Winter Sea. Review: "It's difficult to find a really clean romantic novel, but this one fits the bill. It follows Carrie, an author, as she writes her latest novel on the coast of Scotland, which happens to be the story of one of her ancestors. Not surprisingly, both heroines find love. I loved this one."

10 books every girl should read in her twenties

I Like You. "Partially a cookbook, partially a primer about entertaining and partially the random thoughts of an eccentric actress/caterer, I LIKE YOU is Amy Sedaris's hilarious guide to hospitality."

How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World. "Full of fun assignments, notable names and real-life examples, Christy offers a new look at seemingly "old fashioned" advice. She covers diet, speech, work ethic, friends, relationships, manners, makeup, and fashionable yet modest clothing, showing modern ladies how they can be beautiful, intelligent and fun while retaining values and morals." This would be a fun read.

Super Natural Every Day: Well-Loved Recipes From My Natural Foods Kitchen

  • Brittany Bovard

    I'm not vegetarian, but this and the book Heidi printed just before this are my all time favorite cookbooks...and I kind of have a cookbook obsession