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A better world for our kids starts with us

Obamacare is already helping millions of us in real ways. See how you benefit—and repin this image.

See how you benefit
  • Carole Tom

    Oh please we have to get our President reelected!!!!

  • Ambelleina

    Recommenting: Obamacare is the reason I was able to get back on my mother's good quality, affordable healthcare for one more year (unlike the outrageously priced, no co-pay, high deductible healthcare my employer 'provides'), long enough for me to get a physical showing an internal organ damage I would otherwise never have known about until it caused health problems. So glad we have a president who cares about people, not corporate profits.

  • Becki Bardin

    Thanks for the reality! This is going to make the USA a better place for ALL Americans.

  • HoneyChrome

    I'm a 23 y/o Brooklyn citizen. I knew we had to step it up this election to get people out to vote. I wanted to do something different so I wrote and song and shot a music video to endorse Obama but more importantly to promote VOTING! #GObama #RidinWithBiden

  • Carole Tom

    Way to go Chad!!

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Here’s just one of the ways President Obama is helping millions of students afford college. Pass it along so your friends know, too.

  • Sharon B.

    Thank you Mr. President.

  • Twinks 79

    Thank you! I'm a single mother that worked full time while attending college. Pell Grants and Federal Student loans allowed me the opportunity to graduate from college.

  • Maria Yadira Valencia

    Pell grant all the way thanks Obama!!

  • Richard Lopez

    Living on my own and balancing being full-time student with a full-time job is tough. Thank you for signing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 I was able to get the funding I needed to finish the payments on my last two semesters at the university; without the help of my parents. I got a bachelors from a public research university and left debt-free thanks to your policy. Upon graduation I found a better paying job and in less than a year, I saved up enough to afford to go back to school for my MBA. Thank you, Mr. President.

  • HoneyChrome

    I'm a 23 y/o Brooklyn citizen. I knew we had to step it up this election to get people out to vote. I wanted to do something different so I wrote and song and shot a music video to endorse Obama but more importantly to promote VOTING! #GObama #RidinWithBiden

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Equal pay for equal work adds up

  • Becky Thomas

    Nobody (Steve) accomplishes anything by name calling, it just makes people take you less seriously and dismiss you. I'd actually be interested in reading what you had to say if you weren't so aggressive and had some actual information to share with us.

  • Jenny Thorn

    I remember NOT having any healthcare coverage when I was first out of my parents' home - I was married young and we just couldn't afford it. That thought terrifies me now!

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Follow Julia from age 3 to 67 to see how the President's policies help women of all ages: OFA.BO/aPN8dJ

  • Lena

    @Bridgette Ann: if you look at it, then you will see that many things would apply to men/boys as well. And we all need some help- unless we're the Mitt Romneys of the world of course, born with more money than we will ever need.

  • Ann Okafor

    Side note, I would name my future daughter Julia :)

  • MEVD

    well said, Stacey T!

  • Andrea Nea

    fairness is what we DEMAND!!

  • Home Tree Media Publishing

    We never want to go backward!

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Click through for a better view of the President’s progress for the #LGBT community

Organizing for Action

Five ways President Obama’s policies support economic opportunities for women: OFA.BO/hKkeZj

Promises: Keeping his word: A Blog of Trust
  • Oh my Goddess

    Sunny Wing you are misinformed. Romney sent jobs to China

  • Oh my Goddess

    It is an election year... it is typical of all Presidents to campaign along with their other duties.

  • Patricia McCarthy

    Actually, individual companies made the choice to outsource jobs. So, for instance, Dell has call centers in India. They have for several years and no president had ANYTHING to do with that. You have a problem with factories in China? Take it up with the company. Or, you know, try to actually research what a president CAN and CANNOT do before blaming.

  • Jessica Miller

    I wish I could "like" this pin multiple times! Equal pay for equal work, please!!

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What it would mean for thousands of students if Congress made taxes fairer and passed the Buffett Rule

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    bullshit vote ron paul

  • Melissa Hillman

    And the great part about voting for Ron Paul is that you don't even need to leave the house! Your telepathic vote is just as effective as an actual vote!

  • MScout Johnson

    why should anyone vote Ron Paul? Surely you aren't falling for his "Libertarian" rhetoric?!?

  • Sarah A.

    Ron Paul is adept at tricking selfish young people into thinking that he's a progressive rebel when he is as authoritarian as they come, an opportunistic racist, and all for government control of women's reproductive rights.

  • MScout Johnson

    Very well said, Sarah.

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Keep teachers in the classroom and class sizes small

  • Lisa Dengerink

    I love the Buffet rule cuz millionaires share have to pay more taxes. In addition I think teachers should be paid more. Teachers are the most important people in our society as they are training our future. If we don't have good teachers we don't have a future.

  • Terri Kessell

    )h how I wish you really read our have my support I just wish I knew if you heard my voice.....I am married to a disabled VietNam Veteran and I thank you for you continued help for these veterans!

  • Amy

    The millionaires owe their success to teachers.

The economy has added more than 4 million private-sector jobs over the last 25 months

President Obama on his support of Planned Parenthood: Women are "half of this country, and they're perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health."

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Four years ago, President Obama promised to fight for American manufacturing. Watch this video to see how he’s kept his word—and why manufacturing helps build our economy “up and down the supply chain.”

Get the facts on President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy policy: OFA.BO/PDmj8w

  • Aimee Fausser

    We should be moving towards renewables, not drilling even more than the Bush administration. This is ridiculous in a time when we need to find ways to drastically reduce emissions. You, sir, are not much better than Mitt Romney as a progressive environmentalist.

  • Kenna W

    Ease up on the name calling. ;)

  • Carolyn Sorensen

    Mr. President, a vocal boycott is mounting against Shell Oil Company #boycottShell. We have not recovered from the BP spill and Shell has left a disastrous mess in the Niger Delta which they are not cleaning up. Tell Shell to clean up their mess and keep OUT of the arctic until the required technologies can be developed to extract the oil safely. Shell's action in the Niger Delta provide clear evidence that Shell cannot be trusted.

  • Io Demers

    oil in the artic would provide maybe 1% of your supply and take ten years to deplete. Meanwhike the Porcupine Caribou herd depends on their calving grounds to survive. Unfortunately if America proceeds, those grounds will be prime drilling area. You need to rethink this.

Insurance companies can charge a woman up to double what a man pays for the same policy—an unfair practice that the Affordable Care Act will end by 2014

Tackling gender discrimination, state by state
  • Michele Mattioli

    I always thought this was insane. Women tend to utilize preventive services more than men. Which means most men don't show up until there is something really wrong with them or with a chronic untreated disease.

  • Lori Pierce

    One more reason unreasonable men don't want preventative care for women to be insured.

  • Catherine Ev

    I worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and nearly got fired in week #3 on the job when I asked wasn't it illegal to charge women more for the same health plan! Women's premiums subsidize men's health care after age 55 and completely get shorted by becoming the most profitable segment at age 65 because by then women are far more health!er than their same aged male counterparts and can live a longer timeframe to KEEP paying those premiums. Meanwhile men age 65+ become the largest expense segment to health insurers. I've been screaming about this for years.

  • Rachel Carter

    This is a joke just like obama.

  • Kelly Newton

    This is a bunch of lies. Do the research for yourself

Middle-class families shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than millionaires

  • Maria Yadira Valencia

    Nicely put Derrick someone has studied up on Economics! Everyone should take economics the country would be a better place :)

  • Derrick Carpenter

    @Maria wouldn't it though?

  • Maria Yadira Valencia

    @derrick yes it must definitely would! Took macro and micro in college and it was an eye opener!

  • Derrick Carpenter

    As with most of my education I'm self-taught. I had an intro course in school, but that was for credits. I didn't learn the value of education until I stopped studying for grades & receipts (you call them "Degrees") and started to acquire knowledge & understanding. In this case , "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" was my primer.

  • Andrea Nea

    Brenda my respect to you!! Please spread your voice to the ones like you...That is CHANGE!

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It’s easy to find out how the Affordable Care Act affects you and your family

  • Kim LaCapria

    Thank you, President Obama!

  • Sherry .

    I love the ideal..

  • Lila Harrison

    Please God take Satan's hands off Obamacare and help us heal the sick!!!

  • Pthalogreen

    We've been able to put our daughter on my husband's plan as she finishes graduate school. And we've had the reassurance of knowing our nepew, born with a heart condition, would never be turned down for having a pre-existing condition. I hope Obamacare makes it.

  • Lindy Williams

    Health Care expenses are out of control. Nobody deserves a free ride, but health care should be fair and affordable. Thanks Obama for driving this initiative. Why Americans are opposed to fair and affordable health care, I will never understand. It's not about a political party, it's about doing something that just makes sense. Stop the insanity!!!

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Two years of job growth

  • Lennie Jarratt

    LOL @Melissa Hillman. I always love the shift the blame argument. Hey, look over here, or there or there. It's hysterical. The original post that I commented on was about high gas prices. I pointed out the facts about how the GOV"T likes high gas prices. If you don't know the relationships between the fed and state gov't on energy policy I do feel sorry for you.

  • Melissa Hillman

    Why are conservatives always so mean-spirited? I have three things to say to you, @Lennie: 1. Pinterest is a fun, happy place for us to celebrate the things we love. Why follow Obama if you hate him so much you'll bend the facts and attack the people who like him? Save that for your comments on Fox News or CNN. This is not the place. 2. Your grasp of basic debate structure is poor if you're saying that I'm "shifting the blame" by pointing out that the federal government does not set state retail taxes. I'm disclosing a weakness in your argument. The proper debate response is to counter with facts that support your claim, not an ad hominem attack and yet another unsupported assertion. 3. You have no need to "feel sorry" for me. I can assure you that I have no envy for someone who clearly carries so much anger and hatred that you feel the need to flip out on Pinterest, of all places. And I'm out. I can't believe I fed this troll. #netfail

  • Kathleen Steoger

    well said Melissa thank you.

  • Kathleen Steoger

    Lennie you might want to read this but don't let the truth get in the way of your thoughts on gas prices for god sake:

  • Lennie Jarratt

    I didn't realize pointing out facts was mean. That is the funniest excuse I have heard in a long time. BTW, I used the term gov't and didn't ever say federal gov't. You did shift the blame in trying to insinuate that I did. BTW, debating is fun.

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The Affordable Care Act keeps kids covered

  • Nicole Newman

    Melissa, FTW!

  • Devlin

    @Melissa Hillman Well said, madam! I admire (and envy) your ability to stay level-headed while simultaneously correcting, informing, and enlightening others to an increased perspective. Very much in the tradition of our President!

  • madame x

    Glad there are some intelligent people like Melissa here on Pinterest!

  • Rick Santorum

    I'm confused, Mr. President. Are we actually supposed to care about kids AFTER they're born? That's nuts. Typical liberal claptrap.

  • Kathleen Steoger

    Oh Rick I know you have dropped out of the race but please hang on here at pinterest all of your post give me a chuckle. Ever since I googled your name I knew you were the one, I'm keeping an eye on you and your efforts to save this country from us sinners. ;o)

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It wasn't easy to get health reform passed—but we did it

  • Johnice Reid-English

    While NO Bill is perfect, I must applaud the fact that this Affordable Health Care Bill is the most important thing the Federal Government could do with our tax dollars. A healthy Nation is a productive Nation, we send law makers to DC to make laws which make our lives better, protect us, and our world interests. Congress mandated auto safety regs, water, food and Air quality naming only a few. Each of those I just listed contributes to better health or should. Constitutionally right or wrong...I trust POTUS 44 to know the difference as it is his field, background and no one graduates Harvard Law with his grades and NOT know the Constitution. The Affordable Health Care Bill, just as every Bill, will mature over time; it will be amended, strengthened, and adjusted as it matures making its signing a monumental historic date in our Nation’s history. Feel free to quote me. Smiles…

  • Lennie Jarratt

    What were his grades actually? Is there a link to them somewhere? What other products has Congress mandated all citizens purchase?

  • Jessi Peterson

    You are thinking too heavily on that word "mandate", a word that is not in the actual legislation. This is more an opportunity that widens the door for people to cover themselves and that requires the insurance companies to give you the possibility of coverage. It's not, as a previous person suggested, that there are tons of people with pre-existing conditions lurking out there waiting to screw the system at the last possible moment. The uninsured would like to be insured in an affordable way so that they don't have to gamble on not getting cancer in exchange for eating. You choose the most immediate danger when you have no choice because insurance is prohibitively expensive. When one is diagnosed, the first thought that comes up is not "Ha - now I can screw over the insurers by joining at the last moment." It's either "Thank God I have insurance" or "OMGWTF am I going to do now while staving off DYING." There is no evil un-insured plot to take over your life.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    stfu and vote ron paul

  • Linnie

    He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. I think that's better than a 3.50 GPA. I definitely know it's better than what most of us and myself would get if we attended law school at Harvard.

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