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Sometimes our Coral Springs volunteers paint amazing murals.

Pittsburgh's summer fellows added a new mural to the walls out west

A few artists put their talent in play for the President. Cast your vote by June 27th: OFA.BO/8sV7fg

It’s been up at Obama 2012 HQ for awhile, but it’s an especially fitting highlight today

  • Jennifer L. Miles

    Prejudice is never ok. Well Done Kudos. I Love my President! FORWARD!

  • Nikki'Barb McNic

    Just because it's legal doesn't mean you have to like it! I would never smoke marijuana in California, I would never marry a man, I would treat you as a human being!

  • Lulu Baskins-Leva

    Just one more reason to keep this great president in office.

  • Nikki'Barb McNic

    Thank you Lulu!

  • Sim00n 's

    What about european, asian, african and every single person in the world?

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"We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, all of us defending the United States of America."—Barack Obama

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OFA Virginia’s countdown spelled out in pins—and now we’ve pinned it #meta

Beautiful henna design

“Love you back.”

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A good omen for the next 207 days

Inspired by the American Jobs Act

Thanks to Kelli, the West Broward office added some artistic flair

Designed to accompany the campaign Spotify mix

  • sunshine422


  • Sandra Lee Larsen

    How fortunate we are - & world - to have a national & INTERNATIONAL insightful president! To make superficial comment that President Obama is 'horrible' is neither aware nor substantiated. The president would make/made USA more citizen-building, responsible nation, withOUT obstruction of ignorance such as recent UN disabilities treaty) plus enhance respect for US abroad since comments & baseless conclusions are unfounded + expose benighted and basically birdbrained(with apologies to the bird species) uninformed frivolousness. We need intelligence for better world to be led & respected by president we honor because of his validity, not superficial nonsense of those bottom feeding unenlightened who desire our nation in same darkness of their choice. How tragic for humanity in knowledge age not to embracing it! We are extremely fortunate in majority choice & shamed by republican obstruction. Thx for post!

  • Sandra Lee Larsen

    It is the republican led congress that is destroying this country, and the uninformed who support this ignorance, including womens' rights, which the president has fought to support including health care! To be ignorant is a choice, unfortunately! The majority RULES...again, fortunately. President Obama is the president and leader of a forward nation, in spite of moronic, baseless accusations. The country has voted!

  • Karen Kithcart

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I'll just say this. Jobless rate falls to lowest since Dec. 2008. Hmmm, what does this tell you? When did Obama become president? Coincidence? I think not!

  • Sandra Lee Larsen

    It is wisdom that bases 'opinions' on facts, not baseless ignorance, bias and bigotry. Only informed 'opinions' can be respected and treated as viable. Under my President Obama board, there is a factual list of the president's accomplishments, including lowest job rate - reflected in today's (12/7/12) news...US jobless rate drops to 7.7%, a 4-year low, as well as home sales UP, and the list goes on while the president works to improve U.S. forward status, especially for America's most vulnerable, which the republican congress seeks to ignore and harpoon with the rusty spear of ignorance. Fortunately, the majority as voted with its head instead of another part of anatomy, which has given us a 'we the people' president; President Obama!!

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Outline of a volunteer’s mural at campaign headquarters in Chicago

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for ... we are the change we seek."—President Obama’s words on the wall at the Athens, Ohio field office

  • Donny Eisenbach

    I agree and work to create change as well by taking responsibility that I must do my part to create Godly chanve in the lives of those around.

  • danielle

    remind me of my favorite quote by Gandhi! Be the change you wish to see in the world!

  • danielle


  • Jen Harvey

    And he will be here tomorrow! I cannot wait!!!

Mural in progress at a Columbus, Ohio field office

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