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Vintge Connie Francis Paper Doll


Grandma made everything with hers. I learned to sew with her on her treadle.

This photograph was taken in 1938, and shows a woman cooking over an old wood burning stove.

No clothes dryer. Wet clothes were hung on a line in the sunshine to dry. Oh, they smelled so fresh!

  • Tracie Reynolds

    It really wasn't all that great - my mom had me do that with our clothes in the '70's and they came out stiff and strange smelling. I never liked it.

Wash day (1942). Run a hose to the washer and when she was finished she hooked the hose to the washer and ran it out the door to drain the washing machine.

Through the Wringer: 1942
  • Stephanie Hickman

    Thank you modernization

  • Lily Que

    But before that, all but the very poorest had laundresses and/or sent their laundry modernization actually created MORE work for housewives...

  • Eileen Brown

    When I was 6 I put my hand in the ringer in a department store because they had plastic disks in the bottom with the machine going, Dumb huh?

  • Jasmine Lee

    also standards of cleanliness increased dramatically. Before the vacuum, a little dust on your carpet was no big deal. After, you were expected to vacuum daily.

pretty vintage baking cupboard - jenny holiday