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Sexton: Trail of dead animals reignites euthanasia debate

Sexton: Trail of dead animals reignites euthanasia debate

Please help TARA, a #dog, she needs surgery for her legs blog.myletsadopt.... IMG_1163-1024x576


Stop animal brothels in Denmark. Let's fight "legal" bestiality NOW !! !This is SICK and EVIL it must be stopped.

Stop animal brothels in... - The Petition Site

Each purchase here helps a child cope with the heartbreak of losing a parent in military service to America.

Sevenly | Shirts for a Cause | Charity T Shirts

Seventeen badly injured animals, including two young puppies, were confiscated from an alleged dog-fighting ring in Santa Paula. Among the most severely injured was a nursing mother, who underwent surgery for shock caused by blood loss, according to a post on the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center's Facebook page. "Share" this post to alert others. Read KTLA's story here:

Badly Injured Animals Seized From Alleged Dog Fighting Ring

DANIEL, THE DANE - NEEDS YOU TO SAVE HIS LEG!! - This Dane had been sitting in Riverside Cty AC since Dec. 31, 2013.  His right front leg was severely damaged - compound fracture of Ulna and radius bones. First, he needed rescue and then a decision had to be made for this sweet one to either ...

12 Ducklings Get Stranded on a Roof - You Won't Believe How This Banker Saves Them

March Against Monsanto: Laguna Beach (2013) - YouTube

please - step up & save this sweet boy or he dies in the morning! He is at the Manhattan NYC ACC & will 5/10!

DEMAND that Judge Sim Lake rethink his decision on ANIMAL CRUSH VIDEOS | Please SIGN and share petition. Thanks. I looked up what this were-basically animal snuff films-horrible-WHY would anybody want to make this legal??? Maybe he wants to make it legal to catch all the serial killers that start out torturing and murdering animals. WHY??? JUDGE --addendum-signing it, I found out the reason he is using-free speech. I call bull to the Judge.

We died today. We had fosters who went to the pound to get us and were told NO. We had rescues coming for us and yet we died today. Why did the men at the pound feel like we should die? What did we do to them? Why did we die today? Why? This is Logan County Pound in WV. This pound makes me sick!!! This pound should be shut down. Every two weeks they euthanize cats and dogs. These poor babies don't stand a chance being there! This is not a shelter...this is a living hell!!!

Puppy Farm Cruelty - The truth behind that 'puppy in the window' the pet industry wants to hide. When you shop at pet shops, the Little Pet Shops of Horrors, you are funding the abuse, neglect, & torture of countless Dogs in mills. DOWN WITH THE PUPPY MILLS! We must be the VOICE for those who have no voice. Its our DUTY to protect all creatures great & small from the predations of GREED. These are NOT just pictures on Pinterest, or Facebook these are THOUSANDS real Dogs who LOVE & FEEL. #Adopt

Liberation Photography - gallery of animal rights pictures

Panda the Toothless Street Dog Can’t Believe His New Fortune | What a wonderful story. Panda needs a forever home. Please share.

NEGLECTED HORSES-Cornelius Ranch-Jeff Cornelius | Sign and share petition. Thanks.

SUPER URGENT Manhattan Center NYC ACC LOLA - ID# A0951577 ****RETURNED**** ON DOH hold SPAYED FEMALE, 2 yrs, 8 mos *SPECIAL PLEA* Lola was adopted, but was returned because she was biting. She was aggressive with the medical staff. However, when you go to see her in her cage, she is sweet. She runs to the front and rubs her head in your hand. Lola needs her own space to feel comfortable! email mailto:adoption@n... ONLY if serious about adopting, and ONLY if you are able to GO TO the shelter

Shannon is available for adoption at Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles