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Truly just a dream! Nottoway Plantation, White Castle, LA, at night.

Jack Arnold, in Tulsa. Can you believe the landscaping!

Jack Arnold - The Weblog of Jack Arnold
  • doublem

    What a small, crazy, social networking marvel, seriously! I have no idea how I started following you, and your from here. Your the one person that wow's me every time. I figured you were from the east coast, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut. Someplace far more sophisticated than Tulsa, ha. I'm smiling...I think it's hilarious when people guess what my husband and I do and where we're from (vacations), never Oklahoma. I find myself laughing because I think I don't do that, yes, yes I do apparently. I like your idea! Could you imagine us showing up at peoples doors, citing them with wrong location or ugly home violations. We'd be so generous, we're giving them advise for free! I kinda feel that way about the two homes they built right on the corner of 31st utica, victor actually. Very tip of Bren Rose but still out of place. At least they aren't white. :)

  • Barbara Lee

    It is interesting how people make connections through simple networks like Pinterest. I do appreciate your nice comments. I agree about those two not-so-attractive houses jammed onto that corner. And what about that monster being built on the next corner on Victor! My Bren Rose friend says the word is it's a blended family with multiple kids....can you imagine the vehicle problems in store for the neighborhood! Too bad they didn't go for one of those lots by Philbrook!.My husband and I used to go out walking at dusk when people would have their lights on but hadn't closed the draperies yet. We often wished we could cite people for ugly decor...and make suggestions! Many laughs. Oh, I almost forgot to add Alan Madewell to my list of approved architects....unfortunately his website won't let you pin any of the photos or my boards would be filled with them!

  • doublem

    Oh I love you already, ha! Oh man, we do the same, we love to drive around as well. It never gets old no matter how many times you drive the same streets. Laughing as I write this as a few come to mind, however looking at same eye sores does, how do some people have no clue. It's amazing that some of the most beautiful homes you can walk, drive by or pull up deserve to be cited. We have enjoyed many laughs as well! Oh, that's a monster alright, people are sure to raise a stink. It wasn't a huge lot to begin with so you know parking is a big issue. Awe...Alan Madewell yes, I actually almost mentioned him...It's sad, he's amazing, amazing, another favorite of ours but he's just not nice at all! The beautiful re do he did on the corner after the new Monster, love it! It's such a small, small world. :)

  • Barbara Lee

    Funny....we were talking about AM earlier this evening....about how nice his wife is and how not nice he is....but he does lovely houses. One of our favorite houses is one of his on Columbia that has been owned by two couples that are friends of ours and it is just SO nice and unique...looks like a little English or Irish cottage. Don't you know those people in the gorgeous house next to the monster must be crazed! Wonder how many anonymous notes have been pinned on the door of the monster...a la "What are you thinking? Not that Bren Rose doesn't have one or two other clunkers, such as Brownie's decaying "villa". Well, now I've pretty well savaged a few homes and home owners. Any other favorites?

  • doublem

    OK, is it the english cottage off of 25th st, at the end of a the cul de sac? You said two owners so I'm assuring my husband it's not his old house. He thinks it is though. :) He re did the kitchen in it. What about the big barn they built on columbia. Rob Coretz built it, his wife is the daughter of Bernstein, whose home this is. My husband also lived in and re did the home right next to the barn, contemporary one. One of my favorites is actually on the market, one site says its a foreclosure. Another favorite is actually another of my husbands previous home, Bren Rose on Zunis. Almost to the end, white Mediterranean/spanish on left 3221 s Zunis. When he lived there it was 3311, #'s still on house since they were built in with tiles. UPS was a nightmare, they wouldn't deliver cause address they had didn't match house. He says, I would have a fit, he never got anything. He had Brian Freese come out and draw up plans to re do whole house. Shortly after moving in filed for divorce. Sold house for a 812,000 without doing a thing, people that bought it are the ones that had a back up offer on it when he purchased. Sold again in 09 for 851,000. One of those houses that people like. I actually had a friend that lived there when I was younger, last name was Lee also. Crazy to be in a house years before, love it and marry the person who's home I'd drive by frequently because I loved it, while he lived there, Ha! We laugh about that. Say's it had issues, upstairs master was window unit. Could never hold or get temp right. Oh man I think I know the decaying "villa". Another cool one isn't in the heart of Bren Rose and honestly deserves a better location. We looked at it years ago, had offer already but took while to finalize. On market again, corner of 38th and Utica. Walter & Associates has listing. Very cool, move it to Bren'd be gone already. Some rooms could use a face lift but great layout and back yard! Some of my other favorites are over by the old Pielsticker home. I love the modern one on the street with the homes that are all individually gated by Philbrook. Love, love that one. TA Lorton lives on street. 27th ish? And lets not mention the huge trees her father brought in from Europe that died. :0 Another of my favorites is on utica between 27th and 25th, down from the empty lots on left and before the empty lot that looks like you could barely fit a house and have a back yard. It backs to Philbrook, I have loved that one for years. I always told my husband if that one came up, i'd love to snag it. I was almost devastated when it did go on market last year, sold fast and we had just bought another. I still remember driving by, seeing sign...almost crushed. Didn't help when I pulled up zillow and saw interior. My husband tried to make me feel better, imagine having to pull out on utica everyday, and holidays...It's an english style, or my version of english. Cream and brown. It has been one of my favorites for years. There are just so many gorgeous homes, they all seem to change with the seasons and we never get tired of looking at them. Oh I so hope this makes sense without proof reading. My 9 month old has managed to put dog food in his month, get stuck under a chair and pull his diaper off all in the last 15 minutes. It's like they know, mommies trying to do something, what can I do... :)

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Love the style....what a place to live.

Five-story townhouse in Manhattan. I would live in NYC in a heartbeat if I had a house like this.

Michael Dankbar, Tulsa, OK