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Elder Bertha Skye talks about Birch trees as Medicine

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Astragalus

Lavender dusting cloths just in time for spring cleaning!

Broccoli, Grape, and Pasta Salad | home made mayo)

I'm a DGP--Dandelion Ginger Passionflower. Tough, friendly, and a bit of an idealist. What's your plant personality? #herbnerd

lovely post on herb infusion blends, many featuring ROSE (from Dandelion Revolution blog)

centering tea (chamomile, milky oats, rose petals, St. John's wort)

Ground Ivy, Gill Over the Ground, as well as many other names, this plant is diuretic, astringent, tonic and gently stimulant. Last week we posted a picture of garlic mustard and some thought it looked like this. It does, but the flowers couldn't be more different. When learning to forage, it is important to visit the plant in many different stages while still learning to identify.

How to make your own white sage smudge wands

This morning seemed like a good time to start a "welcome to spring" cordial. I started with a layer of red rose petals and then violets, topping it with a small handful of blueberries - all gathered from the gardens last year - before covering it in vodka. Eventually, I'll add some of the lemon blossom tincture made in the fall. Then some simple syrup - and it should be about ready to toast in the spring equinox.

I've also watched ants turn and run from this scent. If surrounded by a ring of hydrosol (yes, a slightly twisted experiment), they die.

An anti-inflammatory turmeric tea, ready for your office, ready for the road...

Tulsi Geleé helps balance hormones naturally (and it tastes good!)

Rosemary Gladstar shares mushroom wisdom as part of The Free Herbalism Project: mountainroseblog....

pine trees-Use: The needles can be eaten year-round. The young shoots can be eaten as candy when stripped of the needles, peeled, boiled until tender, and then simmered for 20-30 minutes in a sugary syrup....pine cones-Use: Pine nuts can be eaten raw or baked into a casserole.

The Green Witch by Catherine Swinford