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Sold for $420 Estimated Price: $200 - $400 Lights up and the stars twinkle, then the beer glasses appear! Light wear only.Condition (Near Mint condition) Sold in PA, Oct. of 2013

Vintage Hamms Beer Starry Night Motion Lamp Light Lighted Wall Advertising Sign | eBay. Sold for $201.82 plus $35 S&H

Vintage Hamms Beer Bear Baseball Pinback | eBay Sold: $9.25/1.25

1960s Hamm's Beer Pinback "Somebody's Birthday" Tavern Trove 2¼ inches Diameter | eBay Sold:$4.99/2.69

Huge Collection of 42 Hamms Beer Shot Glasses All in Mint Condition Full Set | eBay Sold for $249

Hamm's Beer Sign Stained Painted Glass | eBay. Sold for $49 plus $12 S&H


Classic Metal Works Pair of Hamms Beer Box Trucks N Scale | eBay. Sold for $6.95 plus $5.95 S&H