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For all you audiophiles out there

Kuntzel+Deygas Minuskull Speakers

Kuntzel+Deygas Minuskull Speakers | Man of Many

AeroSkull HD Wireless Speaker

AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Speaker | HiConsumption

Pelty is Bluetooth speaker that’s powered by fire. Yes, the heat of one candle apparently produces enough energy to run the built-in Bluetooth speaker unit for up to five hours, as you send music to it from your smart device.

This Amazing Interactive Cloud Lamp Puts On A Thunderstorm Light Show In Your Home

These robots will enjoy and listen to the music with you. Not just that, they move to the beats too.

Robots with Soul: Robots That Move to the Beat - IPPINKA

Is it a TV stand? Or a speaker system? In fact, the Geneva XXL Sound System is both. In development for several years, this beastly system is designed to hold TVs up to 65 inches in size, while providing plenty of audio oomph via seven speakers. ($3500)

HifiMan HM-700 Portable Music Player. Designed with maximum fidelity in mind, it features a headphone jack with balanced connectors. ($250)

Singtrix. This all-in-one karaoke solution is powered by advanced audio technology that can strip/lower the vocals in any song and then let you sing over top using one of 350 effects. ($300)

iStomp Downloadable Stompbox ($229) The DigiTech® iStomp™ is an entirely new concept in pedals. It works just like a traditional stompbox with one huge exception. It can be completely reconfigured by loading it with any of the many e-pedals available in the Stomp Shop app. The iStomp now comes with 10 of the top ePedals, right out of the box!