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Awhhhhhh! ! ! ! - Attack Of The Funny Animals (07.04.14)

Attack Of The Funny Animals – 60 Pics

I laughed way too much at this.

Evil plotting boxes…

Orange is the New Black. Rosa was the best, and she did what we all wanted to do by the end of the season.

Cuba country shape pendant on Eco Market - recycled precious metals into smth that is near and dear to anyone's heart... Homeland, holiday-land, new land... Great pieces!

Dude! Rocking the baby to sleep without having to do the get out from under baby dance!

lol, dog's concerns with humans ...

The Great Canadian Blog Bash 2013 Contest - enter and WIN

Which weapon will you get in the zombie apocalypse? Ummmm....looks like I'm killing zombies with my laptop?! :/

35 dollars and you can choose any words to be put on the ring, in whatever font you like.

A Squirrel and a Soldier. This guy is my hero!

four 1X6 boards, a sanding block, and a can of stain. Hang with large 3M strips (up to 16lbs and these are just over 5lbs each). Cute headboard- DIY.

Make your own scent-diffuser... Take a perfume that you no longer use... Two wooden skewers ... And voila!! No $ needed!!

My spooky dollar store-finds Halloween wreath - used a triple pant hanger for back, couldn't find anything round in the craft section, and hanger hook came in handy!! :)