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Short Stories

There she was, on a thin string, ready to fly off, ready to fall down; knowing it doesn't matter either way. Everything, she ever had was in the past now. Everything she will have in the future were in the future. She was only here now, only as herself. She can go to heaven or hell, on a decision she makes every second. Photo by Catrin Welz-Stein

Yes that's me, Little Prince. But finally even i have lost my hope.

Next thing i know was the wind and the smell of the autumn. Like the birds in a flock, my fears were running away to a place where they can continue to live.

"Don't you dare to thing you are marrying my son." said my mother-in-law with her furious eyes locked onto mine. "You're marrying his family. His last name. As long as you'll wear his grandmother's ring, you'll behave accordingly." These were the last words I remember as I run wild through the arbour and left my wedding in tears. The image of that ancient ring and the feeling that it was cursed, has never erased from my memory.