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brilliant - cheap and easy. just how i like them

Words of wisdom cards

Words of wisdom cards

I love this scrap fabric canvas idea! Great way to use up all those left over bits of fabric.

spray painted mason jars- what a wonderful way to add some color to a room!

Find a stencil online and trace it onto different colored scrapbook paper...could do so many different things with this!!!

frame notebook paper, hot glue a bow, wrap with a dry erase marker ... Perfect for a To Do list for your desk!

Love this... DIY Painted ombre heart bag

great valentine idea... just add a heart tag that says, "I CEREALsly like you!"

The materials for this birthday present couldn’t be more simple. All you need is an empty Kleenex box. Oh and cash. Dollar bills. Tape the dollar bills together end to end with Scotch tape. Obviously the more dollar bills the greater the “WOW”. Stuff them in the Kleenex box with just one dollar sticking out of the box. It’s fun to watch someone’s eyes grow wider as they pull out the dollars that go on and on. Make a tag that says: ”Don’t “blow” it all in one place.

Homemade Nightlight (wine bottle, glass gems, christmas lights) This is a great idea for even a bathroom light for at night.

this is a great way to display ticket stubs. Slit at the top to drop in tickets. Love this idea!