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Twenty-four times the bible references breastfeeding without shame.   Without hesitation.  Without hiding it under a blanket or in another room.

Mermaid fountain in Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco Bay. She is breastfeeding her mermaid-baby!

It vibrates in case you fall asleep feeding. :) Nursing night light attaches to moms clothes and creates soft glow light while breastfeeding / nursing. Also serves as a gentle vibration alarm. This would have been awesome to have at the time!

oxytocin- hormone of love

7 months Christmas Eve

Positive breastfeeding quote - a gift to mother, baby and the earth.

This is what we get for breastfeeding!

A mother loses baby at 36 wks, waits patiently to birth him naturally at home, then donates the milk that would have his. Heartwrenching and heroic.

Wooden International Breastfeeding Symbol teether