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So, what are you doing this weekend?

So, what are you doing this weekend?

men have always had difficulty fully understanding each other. But no one puts it better than International marriage speaker and comedian Mark Gungor:...

Why Men And Women Think Differently. This Guy Nails It.

Share and Share Alike

Share and Share Alike

The Brainy Bunch. Interesting... 7children in college under the age of 12 years old! Whoa

Jedi - girl look! Star Wars Day | May the 4th be with you

Blueberries don’t play by the rules.

mind blown, funny demotivational posters

Send 'em a HOWLER.

Too bad that joke fell flat. Just kidding, naturally. haha music humor :)

I almost wanted to cry when they said "nine ten eleven twelve, the doctor died and silence fell." Then I remembered he wasn't dead… maybe emotionally but not physically.

I'm not quiet or reserved but if you touch my dog in anger i will do horrible, unspeakable things to you

Top 5 reasons you NEED a baby mop: Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food. Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too! Not having to clean your floors saves you time so you can spend it doing things you enjoy. Save lots of money on house cleaning costs.

I also feel like the workers will think I stole something. :-/