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Those Four Words: June 2013

Not what you think! Pineapple flower! Would be an easy decorative touch to any cupcake or cake!


My husband has mastered this Clam Dip, it is requested all the time when we are with family! #clamdip #clams

Put dice in a small tupperware container. Now you can shake your dice without losing them. Genius for car trips

bridal shower food ideas - Google Search

Bridal shower food table using mason jars to hold the cutlery

Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground. Awesome for parties & showers. Or line the driveway.

When your party is outside, put your salads in large glass jars with lids. No bugs.

Amazing and all the prep work is already done for you! Disney movie night ideas... Menu ideas to go with each movie. Love it!

Luxurious Spa Waters. "These are beautiful ideas to replace punch."

If you've been doing stomach crunches religiously for years and still have belly flab, it's not your genes that are to blame--it's your approach. Follow these five rules to finally achieve that perfectly toned tummy. Very Interesting!

Attach streamers to a hula hoop and hang. For birthdays.

Need to know how much to buy for your Thanksgiving feast? This handy Party Food & Beverage Calculator from Real Simple makes it a snap!

S'mores bar- this would be so easy. It's just cans of sterno in pebbles.

Halloween - put a water balloon with a glow stick on the inside in a stocking and hang from trees or ceiling