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ADOPT bag. Cute gift to give to a friend who is adopting. #adoption #gift

Celtic Adoption Triad Necklace - Gift Best Friend Sister Wife | stacysdesigns88 - Jewelry on ArtFire

"you grew in my heart" necklace from the Vintage Pearl. Beautiful piece for adoptive or step-parents.

you grew in my heart

ADOPT bag. Cute gift to give to a friend who is adopting. #adoption #gift www.adoptlanguage...

DIY adoption story board book for toddler adoption. Pictures and captions to help familiarize your child with your family!

Adding a Burden: Adoption story book DIY

This is one the best books on understanding adopted teens, according to Jen, our Adoption Support Coordinator. Beneath the Mask deals openly and in plain language with the issues that affect all teens and those that are specific to adopted teens. This is a highly recommended read.

This positive and upbeat art piece will be a blessed, happy addition to any home that knows what it is to WAIT for a child - whether that wait looks like pregnancy, fostering, or adoption. Children are a gift!

Symbolic representation of your adopted child's home country on a beautiful sterling silver pendant.

Inspire and empower a child with the knowing that his or her favorite superhero role model is adopted. Dream big with these modern, minimalist prints for a nursery or childs room. Perfect to be used as wall art decoration in a kids room and great for giving as a gift on any special occasion including a birthday, baby shower, adoption shower, or Christmas.

  • Duke

    There all orphans.

  • Katie Cook

    Batman and Spider-Man were orphans... Peter Parker was taken in by his grandparents and Bruce Wayne was taken in by his butler.

  • Tara Carter

    So just because you didn't see the paperwork done doesn't mean grandma and gramps and the Butler didn't adopt them.

  • Erica Taylor

    We are adopting and I think this is sweet

Celebrate an adoption with this personalized 8x10 print of your adopted child's home. Prints are available for all American states, Canadian provinces, all countries or even on a world map.

"My Roots Live Here" Customizeable Wall Art - nice for internationally adoption children

Blue Korea Customizable Map Print | zulily

The missing piece