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Bleeding heart, Dicentra ♥ Beautiful flowers :) garden gardening pretty cool fashion design flower

I WANT THIS!!! In the back South west corner where the old apple tree used to be!

Pillbox Seed Storage DIY

Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. Neat idea. The photo says it all.

Plant lemon grass in big pots for the patio... it repels mosquitoes, smells amazing, and grows tall

6 air purifying house plants. Remove formaldehyde, mold and more.

building an inexpensive greenhouse with step by step pictures. ♥

I love this! For the first day of spring. Birds will take a string (or multiples) and weave them into their nests!!!

DIY - How To Make Your Garden a Hummingbird Haven!

Five Steps to Feeding Hummingbirds in Your Hand | Birds & Blooms

How to Make a Petunia's a ring of galvanized fencing lined with landscape fabric, then filled with potting soil. The petunias were planted through slits in the landscape fabric.

Purchase stair risers from your local home improvement store...paint it white and add some window boxes... small herb garden?

Do this in the fall. Spring bulbs in Pots: store the potted bulbs in an unheated garage or storage room. You'll need to water every few weeks since the pots won't have access to rainfall. In addition to small pots, pack bulbs "shoulder-to-shoulder" in big containers for an abundant display in spring. Toss aside the spacing recommendations so you can get as many bulbs into the container that will fit.