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DIY Halloween Mummy Nails with Tutorial and Video. If someone asked me what my favorite NAIL site was it would be My Simple Little Pleasures . Why do I love this site? Because she takes tons of great photos under different lighting conditions and labels them: “”natural’ lamp”, “camera flash”, “shade” etc... #halloween #diy #crafts #nails #mummy #mummies #nail_polish #nail_art #googly_eyes

Jellied Eyeballs (non-alcoholic) by jelly-shot-test-kitchen: Make these with white grape juice or white cranberry juice, gelatin and food coloring.

DIY masquerade mask from tulle and puffy paint

Chic Masquerade – DIY Mask & Template | Sprinkles in Springs

Cricut - Indie Arts - butterfly and skeleton book mark / tag. crafts-journals-books-altered-books

Tshirt bangles! (with video tutorial)

Mummy Dogs

Mummy Pizza & Mummy Dogs

Ghost hunting!!

Lots of Star Trek crafts

Illusion: Craft sewer Julie Gillrie has made a 10 page felt cloth Star Wars inspired book. You can buy a PDF kit to make your own at home. The artist is also working on a new edition, “A Star Trek Quiet Book.” Photos © Julie Gillrie Link via Bit Rebels. illusion.scene360...

Craft enthusiast Jana of Janaford Knits created these adorable crocheted versions of the Enterprise crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation as a birthday present for a trekkie friend. The only way it could be cuter is if she’d included Data’s cat, Spot. Make it sew, number one. Er, make it crochet.

One Tiny Star Trek Thing Gallery! - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS

Make a craft to hold things you use to make things, Star Trek style! Meta.

Star Trek Command Colors Keyhole Scarf « Black Mood Craft FREE PATTERN I think I'll knit one of these soon for some lucky star trek fan friend of mine!

These are the rad cross-stitched Star Trek emblem magnets I made for the 80's craft swap.