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Instructions on how to take a picture of Christmas lights. I can't wait to try this!

How to Organize, Print and Backup YEARS Worth of Photos via

advanced photography tips for tack sharp images...check it out if you are curious what makes a sharp image.

This DSLR camera simulator shows you visually how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings work inside the camera to create your image.

Christmas photo idea Canon 85mm 1.8 f/1.8 1/40 sec 1600 ISO To blur lights set the aperture as low as it would go, 1.8. To replicate this photo, start by setting your aperture as low as it will go, then bump down the shutter speed – this will allow your camera to let in more light – until the photo is bright enough for your liking. Tip: Make sure your shutter speed doesn’t get too much below 50 (it’s 40 here). If it does, your photo might suffer from blurriness caused by camera shake. If you’ve bumped it down to 50 and your photo isn’t bright enough, tried bumping up your ISO to allow in more light.