Water Garden in a Trough. Papyrus and water lily is surrounded by yellow-flowering corydalis and purple Persian shield in the upper-right corner.

lanterns and streaming flowers

The Knitted Garden: Faeries In My Garden

The picture shows a female red squirrel adopting an orphan baby from an abandoned nest. Although squirrels rarely interact, they learn who their nearby relatives are by hearing their unique calls. If they fail to hear a relative’s calls for a few days, they may investigate and rescue orphans. Photo: J. W. Taylor

2-liter Soda Bottles, cut the bottom off and use them to cover seedlings like mini greenhouses (or cloches). also protect them from frost, wind, and strong rain.

Epsom salt is a longtime, affordable way to help start your garden or improve your garden once it’s already going. You can use Epsom salt in the garden as a fertilizer, a pest deterrent, and also as a seed starter, to name a few. Epsom salt can also enhance the quality and condition of your lawn and shrubs!

Papaver 'Cupcake' by anniesannuals, via Flickr

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easy garden, if gardens can be easy...

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