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Spray vinegar on weeds.

  • Evelyn Vincent

    Just type the link provided above without the www -and- in place of the word [dot] put a period . and it will work. Or, go to my pin board titled "Garden Tips & Info" and look for the image with a hand holding a spray bottle. There's more to know about it than just the dilution (too much to write here).

  • Sue Buell

    Thanks for the input!!!

  • Evelyn Vincent

    Sue, you're welcome. I'd hate to see someone ruin their soil or lovely plants ♥

  • Chris McLaughlin (A Suburban Farmer)

    Yes, you do have to be careful about not hitting other plants. But as far as the pH goes, it doesn't change that for long. Anyway, most people aren't spra ying for the weeds in their beds, but for pathways and outside areas, etc.

  • Chris McLaughlin (A Suburban Farmer)

    In fact, I probably wouldn't spray anything at all in garden bed.

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Beautiful blue hydrangea growing beside the split-rail this scene!!

  • Cierra W

    Put pennies on the ground to keep your hydrangeas extra blue !!

  • Sue Buell

    Never heard of that!!! I always put aluminum sulfate in the soil around the plant very early in the Spring.

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