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Ben Rook

Ben Rook

Kevin Keegan. The Royal Mail issues a set of stamps to mark the 150th anniversary of the FA. (source:

Joseph SZABO - 'Priscilla, Jones Beach' - Gitterman Gallery (used for the cover of the Dinosaur Jr album ‘Green Mind’.

Trust me, I am a Doctor (2010) by Sebastian Kruger. 240 x 160 cm, Acrylic on canvas. (source: www.sebastiankrug...)

British Landscape (2006) by Sebastian Kruger 160 x 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas. (source: www.sebastiankrug...).

Amy Winehouse by Joshua Budich (source: Saw this at the shop in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Song Map by Dorothy (source: A road map made up of 390 song titles: from Highway to Hell to Penny Lane, Itchycoo Park to Heartbreak Hotel.

The revolution will be live! by Luís Alves (source: urban-myth.tumblr...) Illustration of Gil Scott-Heron

"Paul Weller" by Simon Dixon (source: 70cm x 80cm, Giclee Print.

MR. KITAZAWA'S NOODLE BAR, TOKYO - Oil on canvas 162 x 97cm, 2011 by Carl Randall (Source: Exhibiting at the BP Portrait Award, the National Portrait Gallery in London, 21 June - 23 September 2012.

Rook by Mark Greco (source: www.anaturalhisto...). Seen at ARTWAVE 2012 in Lewes.

Cantona by Colin Brown (Source:

Cover art for the album 'Trans' by Neil Young (1983).

IN MOD WE TRUST by Gingersoul Designs (source:

Rolling Stones, Hollywood, CA, 1968 | Barry Feinstein. Used for the album Beggars Banquet (original source: www.barryfeinstei...)

Joseph SZABO - 'Priscilla, Jones Beach' - Gitterman Gallery (used for the cover of the Dinosaur Jr album ‘Green Mind’.

OBEY ROTTEN 4 STENCIL (Johnny Rotten by Shephard Fairey 2004).

The Hallucinogenic Toreador by Salvador Dalí (1968-1970), Oil on canvas (157 in × 118 in), location - Salvador Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Bitches Brew (1970) by Mati Klarwein. Used for the Miles Davis album of the same name. Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas) 40 X 80 cm (original source: www.matiklarweina...)

Media is not good/God.  Patti Smith. Photographer: Mattia Zoppellaro (Original source:

Willem De Kooning's 'Untitled (two women) 1947'

On the roadside wall of Favela Metro in Rio de Janeiro, a colourful mural shows a weeping boy in Brazilian national kit and a football containing the image of a skull. ‘Destroying our community for the World Cup,’ is written in Portuguese. Red lines also cross through mock road signs portraying homes and families, with ‘Thank you FIFA’ painted above them. (Source:

Amplify Your Voice by Shephard Fairey (Source: Instagram photo by @sweet_jesus via

The Negotiation by Jonathan Lax (2010) - original source ->

Tube Train by Cyril Power - Linocut (c.1934).