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Cabins and Lofts

(It’s Easy Being) Green Building Tour

More and more people at the time of independence only eligible for small lofts or, which is the same, tiny school without walls distributors.Because space is very small you find the best ways to enhance the light in each corner.In this sense, the color the walls is critical:Combine tones light, neutral with some sections (or entire walls) in darker colors or decorate with coatings (wood, stone, steel, ceramics …) or original wallpaper patterns also give a touch of elegance and modernity to stay.

Fall Creek Cabin, by Montana Mobile Cabins. 14' x 20', full loft, studio kitchen, bath, "great room." Company says you can move the whole house if you don't like the neighbors. :)

Fall Creek Montana Mobile Cabin

What I like about this particular designer is that most of his cabins have stairs to the loft, instead of just ladders

Portable Cabins by Rich
  • Catherine Newman

    want to use this type stairs to our cabin at the lake. We are in our sixties and can't get up and down on the conventional loft ladders. Thanks for the Info