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Space Food Sticks

Lint — Space Food Sticks! AKA Peanut-butter-putty....

This classic move never dies. Who didn't do this as a kid?

A Good Cooker: I-Love Olives!

Oh yes....Remember saving and drying the wishbone and then making a wish before breaking it. The one who got the larger piece would get their wish. I always did this with my Dad

Swim Cap. I remember wearing these, they made your hair smell

Blow on a blade of grass between your fingers to make a whistle sound...I still do this!

Exciting Scout Crafts - Whistle

Ironing a friends hair...yes, we really did that :) I did this every morning before high school, hated my curly hair!

Hang Ten - mid-1960s

Activewear Taps California Brand Cachet

Sister Belle talking doll (I had her when I was a young girl)

Body suits (under your bellbottom hiphuggers)