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Lilypad Pool Warmers - Using a hula hoop, and some cheap black plastic you can melt the plastic to the hula hoop - the black traps energy from the sun and heats up the pool. Very cheap and efficient way to warm up the water!

How-To: Lily Pad Pool Warmers

A Simple Do It Yourself Soil Test Perform your soil test by placing a sample into two separate cups or containers. Add vinegar to one. If it fizzes your soil is alkaline. If not, add some water to the second cup and stir. Add baking soda. If it fizzes you have acidic soil. If neither have a reaction your soil is somewhat pH balanced.

Alternative Gardning: How to perform a soil test

Inspire. Northern Shade Gardening -- List of plants grown in a Zone 3 (Central Alberta) garden

Garden Plant List for Zone 3 | Northern Shade Gardening

How to collect, transplant, and care for moss. If you want to add moss to your pots or planters, this article explains how to establish it and get it growing. | The Micro Gardener

Purchase stair risers from your local home improvement store...paint it white and add some window boxes... small herb garden?

22 Hard To Kill House Plants

Growing Baby Ginger as a Backyard Garden Vegetable Crop- this is so great tasting and is so good for lessening inflamation and helping arthritis. I put it almost everything.

How to arrange grocery store flowers to look like they were from a florist! Plus lots of other great flower arranging tips in this blog!

A romantic cottage look: fragrant catmint (Nepeta sp), perennial sage (Salvia sp). and lilac alliums. This is a great drought-tolerant summer trio for full sun.

A website that plans your garden FOR YOU! You tell it where you live, it tells you what to plant and when, designs your garden for you, and gives you daily reminders of what to do.

This plant in now about 5-feet tall. In spring, as soon as spears poke up through the mulch, cut your asparagus spears daily. For the next 6 to 8 weeks, gather spears every other day. Stop harvesting when the largest spears are less than a half inch in diameter. When the harvest season ends, feed the patch a second time with a balanced organic fertilizer. Fresh homegrown asparagus: A+.

Asparagus Hedge - Grows into tall delicate ferns, and you can harvest it early in the season. It multiple stalks make for a visually interesting hedge. Asparagus is perennial, but will die down to the ground each winter. Consequently, this hedge is seasonal only. May take a few years to fully establish. Pic 1 of 2.

How to Harvest Asparagus, a little more detailed description of how to harvest.

How to Harvest Asparagus

tips to expend Asparagus Harvest

How to - Plant, Grow, Maintain & Harvest Asparagus

Asparagus Growing and Care Calendar » Harvest to Table. INCLUDING HOW TO TRANSPLANT