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poor donkey


the train running through the middle of the maeklong market in thailand

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a man carries a flower arrangement through the streets of medellin, columbia during the annual flower festival. the festival, among the most important events hosted by the city, has been held since 1957.

motorcycle taxi

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lots of bales of hay and a small hay truck

  • Pru Joy

    where there's a will there is ALWAYS a way - lol!

a man transports ducks to market on a motorbike in hanoi, vietnam - pixdaus

bicycle cargo

thousands of bangladeshi muslims board overcrowded trains as they try to return home after attending the three-day islamic congregation on the banks of the river turag in tongi, on outskirts of dhaka, bangladesh, sunday, jan. 23, 2011.


on his way to the neighborhood tupperware party

bringing home the groceries

train in india

a cyclist ferries heart shaped balloons through the streets of beijing on valentine's day. although china has its own version of the romantic celebration, known as magpie festival, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, valentine's day has become increasingly popular in big cities.

not a good plan

last year (2010) alone, the u.s. used over 39 billion plastic bottles of water - - a very sad fact.

  • Alexandra Glowacki

    I still don't get it why people buy water in a bottle. Can't everyone just refill their reuseable bottle?

omg -- hot and dusty transport