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you can make a clock out of anything with this. awesome.

Inspire Me Now make your own clock

cutest thing ever

Keeping track of your pets -

Being someone's first love may be great, but to be their last is priceless

My personal bra shop | perfect bra | bra fitting | bra shopping

Best life hack... Ever.


Muppet Alphabet - A Pair of Pears

calendar stamp

Calender anywhere 'Mizushima Calender Stamp' - Matomeno

cute baby animals | seals in our cute pictures of baby animals, but not often this cute ...

My dad’s already the ultimate Grill Master, but this crate will make it official come Father’s Day! #mancrates

No Bows, Ribbons or Fluff - Gift Baskets for Real Men

Even sweet little lambs like to party! (via @livesweetphotography's instagram)

It’s not as intricate as Scott Campbell’s laser-cut dollar bills, but I still think Japanese artist Hasegawa Yosuke’s money origami is incredible. #art #crafts #DIY

Some people are just awesome. He is one of those people.

For all of those who watched this movie and heard this song BEFORE pitch perfect.. you are awesome!