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Women's Health, pick your body type and it will list the fitness and meal plans for your body type.

Your Body Type, Your Workout

Tuff Butt April I AM DOING THIS! Great to do every morning to start the day or a pre work out to get the blood flowing.

Want a quick work out to do in your dorm room?

bulgarian squat...use a barbell and oh my does this make your butt sore

Shred stomach fat by doing 12 reps/set for each exercise 3 sets. Go fast as possible! Re-pin now, enjoy tighter abs tomorrow.

Top 10 Exercises To Tone Your Butt

Muffin Top / Love Handle workout. @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby what you think about this?? Second time I've seen this basic workout. Worth a try.

Audrina Patridges Workout consists of 4 moves for a 6-pack. Two or three times a week, do one set of 20 reps of each move in order without resting then repeat the entire routine once or twice.

How to Lose Up To 10 Pounds In 3 Days On The 3-Day Diet! (Three Day, Military Diet) good to know for the future. This really work!

7 Day Cleanse = lose 10-17 pounds. This is an amazing 7 day meal plan/guide to lose pounds and totally cleanse your body.