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Teaching Writing

Not true, but funny

Teacher Of The Year This seriously made me laugh my butt off. ;)

Students view different photo each day and make 5 observations, 5 inferences, and 5 predictions. LOVE this idea!!

Summarization Strategy called "the incredible shrinking notes". Students start out writing a summary of a reading selection on the large index card. Students are then given the medium sized card and have to take the information from the large card and condense it onto the medium sized card. Finally, students are given the small card and must take the information from the medium sized card and condense it further onto the small card. Great way for students to get to the main point/idea!

500+ Creative Lessons to teach almost anything. Absolutely wonderful site and resource for any teacher.

I love John Green. Nerdfighters UNITE!

Fact. Too many bad experiences.

Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!