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hunger games!

New photo is the Justice Building!

Back to school in Panem, maybe? Notice that the knives are called "President's Choice". Hahaha

I’m confused because, while they all are angry, some are giving us sympathetic pats on the shoulder, and Johanna Mason actually stops to straighten my pearl necklace. “Make him pay for it, okay?” she says

District outfits. Now I can finally see what they look like.

“Annie Cresta. She was the girl Mags volunteered for. She won about five years ago,” says Peeta.  “I don’t remember those Games much,” I say. “Was that the earthquake year?” “Yeah. Annie’s the one who went mad when her district partner got beheaded. Ran off by herself and hid. But an earthquake broke a dam and most of the arena got flooded. She won because she was the best swimmer,” says Peeta.