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When my boss calls me in on my only day off for the week.

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how to stop snoring - Dump A Day

Husky raised by a cat. Hahaha the last one!

She thinks this is the line for cookies...

Waiting in line for something…

Hello there, my friends...

Hello there, my friends…

The last comment... holy hell.

Grumpy cat.

The Adventures of Piggy and Grumpy Cat…


whore in a drawer

Dump A Day Alcohol May Not Solve Your Problems, But Then Again, Neither Does Milk - 28 Pics

Is this a monkey dressed up like an elephant trick or treating

If The Breakfast Club took place today, all those kids would just be silently texting about their shitty Saturday and never make friends with each other.

Grumpy Cat in Disney films, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Even Disney characters take selfies