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A Cup of Tea Solves Everything!

We believe that tea is the single cure to everything! Whether you prefer Earl Grey, exotic fruit flavoured teas or even plain old PG tips, we have a variety of mugs and teapots to suit even the most fussy tea drinker.

Tea lover? Morning hater? Well kill two birds with one stone and check out the La Cafetiere Tea Pot and Cup!

If sleek is more your style then you'll love these gorgeous metallic rimmed LSA Zanzi cups and saucers. #tea #shiny

We ♥ ♥ ♥ this bright, multi coloured LSA Ania Coffee Cup and Saucer set. The striking colour combination would brighten up any kitchen.

LSA Ania Coffee Cup and Saucer- assorted -Set of 4

Simple but delicious scone recipes...because nothing else complements a cup of very English tea better!

The new La Cafetière Paris Teapot offers a wonderfully stylish way to serve freshly brewed tea. It comes with an integrated tea basket for use with loose tea if that tickles your fancy. Plus, it's SHINY! :)

These La Cafetière Bola Cups are one of our favourite items on our entire site! They are made of double walled glass which means your cup of tea stays much hotter for longer while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch!!! A thirst-quenching, steaming hot cup of tea without burnt fingers - genius!

We love this unique lighting idea using teacups - imagine these hanging over your dining table :)

This LSA Ania Cup & Saucer set is decorated with a motif inspired by the traditional Polish craft of paper-cutting. This pattern alongside the contrast of the jet black against the crisp white porcelain makes for one striking set of cups!

Quick Recipes For English Tea Sandwiches - the perfect complement to any cup of quintessentially English tea!

Neko Knits: Picnic Planning!

If you like a bit more colour in your life we have this La Cafetière Classic Teapot in bright pillar-box red! It is perfect for that afternoon cuppa that you have whilst reading a book and holds 2 cups which means you won't have to get up to put the kettle back on again! (Because one cup is never quite enough) :)

Alison Appleton exclusively designed this beautifully crafted La Cafetière California new bone china teapot. It features an integral infuser basket so it works for those who love teabags or fine loose tea!

Despite it giving our biggest weakness, we love this Jamie Oliver Chocolate Lover Cheeky Porcelain Mug. It's the perfect size to dunk your afternoon chocolate biscuit in!