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4 Large Mermaid Beads Dark Skin LG320 by TheCraftyBead on Etsy, $5.95

"Mambo La Sirène," is the revered Mermaid Lwa and Orisha (Goddess) of Voudoun and Santeria. She corresponds to Yemayá in West Africa. She is the wife of Agwe and is the Goddess of wealth, seduction, and beauty. She is Queen of the Seas.

'Groucho Mermaids' - click to enlarge

Voluptuous Mermaids

AFRICAN MERMAID FANTASY PICTURES | love the colours of this picture.

Fantasy | jaguarconstantine

African mermaid braided hair

AFRICAN MERMAID FANTASY PICTURES | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...

Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid

Black mermaid princess

"Yemaya" by Christopher Pestos

Yemaya Tote Bag on

Mermaid art by Malik Seneferu

from the hill and Beyond

"Nu Aqua" mermaid art by ScoobyKun

NuAqua by ScoobyKun on deviantART

Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid

The Depths by Valarie Nicharico

Beautiful painting of a Black Mermaid

Black Mermaid

striveforperfectionnn by mikedaledeesign