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Behind the Beauty

Just a little taste of what a behind the scenes photo shoot looks like at the Beauty Army HQ!

  • Sarah L

    so, to be a professional in beauty/fashion is it required to wear all black every day? Just noticed like 8 people in all black - anyway thanks for the share it was neat to watch!

  • BeautyArmy

    Most people in the Industry wear black because it helps you stay in the back ground while the attention is placed on the client in your chair. On this shoot, the clothing was completely coincidence. We actually dress very colourfully around the office! We hope to bring you more behind the scenes videos! Thank you for watching.

Our very first pallet of Kits getting ready to be deployed. 1.6.12 #luxury #beauty #samples

  • Sarah L

    I think I see mine ;) Can't wait to order another tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lila O

    That's a beautiful thing! :)

The stunning @KatrinaAmato on set with @Brandon_Showers.

Our Founder, Lindsey Guest.

  • Stephanie

    So not only is she a genius, she's a photographer too? Very nice! Hi Lindsey!!!! Xo

  • BeautyArmy

    Hi Stephanie! We must give credit where credit is due: @Brandon_Showers was the photographer on this shoot, Lindsey was the Art Director :)

  • Stephanie

    Fair enough, she's still a genius and a pretty one at that ♥

  • BeautyArmy

    We agree with you, 100%

  • Indie Lee

    I completely agree, Looks like BeautyArmy wins the most gorgeous staff award.

Now, where is my....... #makeup