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Pier. Oshawa.

Tron-OH. New digS

McGraw Tower. Cornell U. Ithaca, NY.

Bust @ McGraw hall. Cornell U.

Flowers @ Leland lab, Cornell U.

Espresso grinder @ Gimme. Trumansburg, NY

Map of home. Ithaca, NY.

Antique cash register @ Trumansburg Historical Society.

Corn Poppies. Botanical Gardens, Ithaca, NY.

Reilly-Robb. Ithaca, NY.

State Street Theater. Ithaca, NY.

Cayuga Lake View @ Sunset Park. Ithaca, NY.

Blue sky at night. You know the rest.

LillyPads. Sapsucker Woods, Ithaca, NY.

Libe Slope. Ithaca, NY.

Moveable wall. Sibley. Ithaca, NY.

PostModernAntiquity. Ithaca, NY.

Sibley4thFloor. Ithaca, NY.

Chapiter@Sage. Ithaca, NY.

Lockers@Sibley. Ithaca, NY.

Wing from Weill. Ithaca, NY.

Cool flower. No edit.

MVR@CornellU. Frenchier than convicted rapist, Pepé LaPew.

Libe slope. Ithaca, NY