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Stress and Anxiety Relief

Natural anxiety relief...are you willing to try something other than a pill??

How to Exercise for Depression & Anxiety Relief. Moderate exercise (rather than very intense) was more effective for women with a family history of mental health problems.

When girls get together to solve problems…I needed this like 10 mins ago! Good things my nails didn't messed up!

Use a mixture of vinegar and cold water to scrub water stains off of leather. Good to know!

this is the BEST website on the face of earth, outfits from tv shows and where to get em

SHOP ONCE, EAT FOR A WEEK---Five days of fast, healthy dinners for under 50 dollars. Pin now, read later.

Genius! Why didn't I see this in the fall! Use mitten clips to keep jeans in place when wearing boots! No more saggy knees! Very clever!

Cool games that require nothing more than people and your brains! Perfect for any time you are stuck waiting with kids! Write them down on notecards to pull out when needed!

4 Step to keep your pinboard in a stylish album like magazine.

Dress Codes & What They Mean - His & Her Guide To Appropriate Attire For Each Dress Code